George E. Zermas Memorial Scholarship Awards 2015

Each year, the Lowell Association for the Blind opens a competition for the Zermas Scholarships. Students studying in the Vision Studies program are eligible to apply.
The George E. Zermas Memorial Scholarships are awarded each year to worthy students preparing to work with the blind and visually impaired. This memorial grant was established by his late sister Penelope Z. Demogenes, Director Emerita, and her late husband Peter N. Demogenes, Honorary Director of the Board of the Lowell Association for the Blind.
This year, 6 UMass Boston Vision Studies students and 1 person from Lowell Association for the Blind were awarded Zermas scholarships to support their studies and abilities to move forward in the profession.


From left to right, Shelagh Doherty (Lowell Association for the Blind), Jeanne Saunders (UMass Boston TVI Program), Lauren Anderson (UMass Boston TVI Program), Kaitlyn Barron (UMass Boston TVI Program), Kelly Fedor (UMass Boston TVI Program), Georgia Wattendor-Guiney (UMass Boston O&M Program), and Alexa Natali (UMass Boston TVI Program-not pictured).

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